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PC Cross-progression and trophy auto-popping confirmed for 2.0!


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In today's special program for the 2.0 update, miHoYo announced that Playstation users will be able to link their account to PC.

Translated quote text:
"After the Version 2.0 Update, Playstation accounts and Mihoyo accounts will be linked.
Players on the Playstation platform will be able to link their miHoYo account.
The details of the account linking will be released after the program.
Please continue to follow the latest news released by Genshin Impact's official accounts.

These details can be found here: https://www.hoyolab.com/genshin/article/533197


The article basically says full cross progression is possible, but not account progression merging (If you had a separate PS4 and PC account already) and the email adres from your miHoYo acount and PSN account can not be the same.

Now for me, the most enticing about this would be 2 things.
1. Getting the Playstation exclusive wings for my characters.

2. Trophies


I am just wondering if all of the trophies were to auto-pop? Because if not, there is no way to redo the achievements I guess. What are your thoughts on the trophy aspect of this update?
I myself have not played Genshin on Playstation but play it daily on PC. So it would be cool if I could 100% the whole list at once.

EDIT: It will auto-pop everything!

Q18: Will a trophy on PlayStation be unlocked after an account for PSN is linked to an account on iOS/Android/PC?

A18: When Travelers log in to Genshin Impact on PlayStation after account linking, the corresponding trophy on PlayStation will be unlocked.


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