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Job Removal - Will this affect the online grind?


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Rockstar said in a post that they will be cycling out old jobs to make room for new ones.

As someone who hasn't started GTA V would this affect the plat at all?


"Starting with this event, we will begin removing individual Jobs to make room for further updates. These Jobs will be cycled in and out over time as we continue to add to the game in the future."


As of the time of writing, fans have discovered that the Bombushka Run Adversary Mode is no longer available in the game, although the developer’s language appears to imply that it could come back at a later date. “These Jobs will be cycled in and out over time as we continue to add to the game in the future,” it says of the content being removed.





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It won't. You don't need a specific job, just a job type. I can fully understand temporarily removing e.g. a huge part of races, as the sheer amount makes it harder to find lobbies, but I don't think they would remove every single air race.


I'd say at most it can make the 10 waves of survival trophy harder, in case they remove some of the glitches maps. For example Boneyard which has 2 glitches that make it trivial to finish it.

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On 11/07/2021 at 5:29 AM, D-E-U-S-X said:

We should keep an eye on that. It would be a problem if they remove activities that is essential for Numero Uno such as unpopular games like Darts, Arm wrestling, Tennis or Golf.


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