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Worst Trophies Ever


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This forum is dedicated for the discussion about what exactly defines not just a bad playstation trophy, but potentially one of the worst trophies ever.


A few minor guidelines that one should follow to help get the point across:

1) Give the name of the trophy, the name of the video game where it came from, the type of trophy (Bronze-Platinum), rarity percentage, number of achievers, and the description on how to obtain it.

2) It could came from any game dating back to the PS3 era, and can originate from good as well as bad games.

3) You must give a proper explanation on why it is one of the worst trophies.

4) Try to share your own experience in obtaining/not obtaining the trophy (please be truthful, there is no shame in admission)

5) This isn't a definitive listing nor top listing of the worst trophies. It is primarily a forum for sharing personal experiences in trophy hunting.

6) Please be kind and good to one other in replies.



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To get things started, I'll give my example to one of the worst trophies that I am currently trying to get.


123S7364f7.png  Taking One For The Team

From Dead by Daylight: Left Behind Chapter

It is a bronze trophy with a currently 5.03% rate and 2,589 Achievers according to the site.

Protect a recently unhooked survivor by taking a hit near them 250 times.


Dead by Daylight is a asymmetric survival horror where four survivor characters must complete five generators and then must turn on a gate switch in order to escape. While they are doing this, all four are being pursued a killer character who's goal is to hook the survivors three times in order to sacrifice them to something called the Entity and win. That's a brief summary of the game as a whole but there's more to it than one would except.

Anyway as part of the game's 3.1.1 update, the developer included a chapter that was exclusively for steam called "Left Behind" where it introduced Bill Overbeck from the Left 4 dead series to the PS4 version along with three new trophies added called Adept Bill, Left for Dead, and the featured trophy of discussion. Now the action of unhooking a survivor and taking a hit from the killer isn't the truly hard part, but rather the amount the game requires you to do just to unlock it: exactly 250 times!

Now you would think that 250 wouldn't be too hard nor long to get the trophy but for those of who played the game, it isn't a simple as it sounds. 

Firstly, the PS4 version of the game doesn't include a tracking system that shows you how many times you have a perform the required action corrected. So potentially, you can spend hours of gameplay and not know if you're even doing it correctly.

Secondly, The play-style that some players have suggested has been seen as a toxic and discouraged style that may result in more headache than anyone should have to go through while getting the trophy.

Lastly, the amount of times the game excepts you to perform it correctly is too much and was directly ported from the steam version. Other trophies on the steam version have had the amount reduced when coming to the PS4 version. An example would "In the void she walks," a trophy related to the nurse killer where you needed to blink and successfully land an attack for a total of 500 times on steam whereas the amount on the PS4 was reduced down to 100 times thus making it more manageable. So why not do the same with this trophy?


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