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Quick Comandantes

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I haven't finished getting all ten yet, but I realized last night that you can make a hard save right before an era switches over and re-roll for a new comandante. This can be done with multiple "humans" in a hot seat stye game. So instead of playing multiple games, you can just replay the same turn over and over until you get all ten. I'm making manual saves after I get a new one to help me keep track. 


This is probably a self-evident trick but at the time (like 2am my time) it felt like a galaxy brain move. ?


My Setup: 

1) Create a hot seat game that allows multiple of the same civilization. Choose Simon for everyone. Choose a bigger map size to allow for more players. 

2) Turn of barbarians. This makes the changing of the era faster, but will mean you will have to use your units to find the other players. 

3) Start game and immediately put all units to sleep. This includes your settlers. Without barbarians you don't need to worry about founding cities. 

4) Skip 30 turns in about five minutes and make a save right before the era changes. 

5) Once the commandante's spawn, you will be able to move your units again and check each general and activate their retire ability. 

6) If you didn't get all ten, but you did get a new general, make a separate save. 

7) Load your original hard save and make one of the human players a computer. This will allow you to get a completely new set of generals on your remaining human players. 

8) Repeat step 5-7 as needed. Change which player you make a computer each time and it will allow for a new set of generals each time. 


The above steps would allow for a 12 player match to roll over 130 generals. I only needed about 50 before I got all of mine. Let me know if you have any questions. 


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