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Beware glich that can kill you on Insane almost at the end


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When coming close to a ledge Blacke automatically start a "moviment" and then u just need to keep going right?

Well....just see the first minute of this compilation of my deaths.... Is the first one


As i m super lucky on any permadeath run like on wolf 2 after this glich happened almost at the end of the game i started another run..and when i get to the boat part the power energy on the hole neighborhood went down?

There's another glich on the min 4:35 my only death on marta cart section ,i simply smashed the circle button and he simply said "sorry boy max i can do is stand here and die"

So the main point is , be careful on the "ledge" part of the video where i died go extra slow and pay attention to see if he will make " the moviment" 

This is the video of my run


I believed that i did all the sections by the safest way possible so maybe it can help you

If any glitch that lead you to dead happened post here, dying for some bullshit glichies on insane unfortunately happens a lot ,my friend @Atoya

Got a blue screen error when holding the dam baby at the final on insane

Good luck keep trying with patient and you will succeed ?

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14 minutes ago, JimNGary4Jay said:

Thank you for the heads up. This series is my next to tackle once I've finished a little back log

The 2 games are extremely good,the first is way easier cuz is short compared to the "sequel" one of the best horror games i played

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2 hours ago, Atoya said:

Ayyy congrats bro. It’s been a while since we talked !

I am glad you smashed it like a BOSS

Thanks man ?

Allot of times i was just think at the end,dam....if this shit gets a blue screen error i m totally fucked ?

But you aren't the only unlucky man,the first death of the video and the glitch is pure bullshit, congrats on all your plats too,your rate of ultra rare / platinum is totally insane 

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