Does anyone know why PlatinumBro7 & Platinum Chasers don’t like each other?

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I don’t know really know anything about Platinum Chasers, but I’m surprised to hear him and Platinumbro allegedly don’t get along. Lewis just seems like the chillest dude on earth so it’s hard to imagine him having beef with anyone!


Platinumbro seems like one of the most active and visible trophy channels out there right now. I really didn’t like him at first because I didn’t respect his love for “grubby” plats as he calls them, and I really hate seeing Youtubers perpetuating the whole ezplatinum culture to their subscribers. But he’s began to win me over in the last few months.


I first took an interest when he came out and denounced his grubby plats and talked about how chasing them was completely devaluing his experience with trophy hunting and how he wasn’t enjoying the hunt anymore. He stated his goal to start trophy hunting for fun again and playing games he enjoys and challenging himself once again, and I clicked subscribe right there and then and decided I wanted to support him on his journey. Since then I’ve fallen for his personality as a whole as he seems to be just a really positive and cheerful guy.


On 2021-07-11 at 4:07 PM, Infected Elite said:

absolutely hate hate hate Mystic. The dude is just a clown.


I’m shocked anyone could dislike Mystic. He makes such interesting videos and his opinions are usually spot on. 


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