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I've decided to create this small mini-guide for those who want to play this charming game and got stumped by the unexpectedly difficult DLC trophies (compared to the rest of the game). The information regarding this game is difficult to find online, so it's time to fix that :D .


Uproar in Heaven DLC is a prequel to the main game, where you play as the Monkey King at its full power. The entire DLC is only 3 boss fights and at the end you are ranked based of your performance in these fights. The more targets you accomplish the better your score is. Of course, the DLC trophies require you to get an S rank, which is easier said than done.


Here is a quick view of the minimum requirements for an S rank: 



The greyed chains are the requirements that weren't fulfilled. It's easier to simply go for the specific boss requirements than rush and complete the game as fast as possible. 



  • Dying and retrying doesn't penalize you at all, the timer resets.
  • Hold down R2 to dash longer and tap R2 to dash in bursts
  • You will see the boss' health the moment he speaks - if the text background becomes red, the boss has critical health.
  • Always aim to get the specific requirements first (purge/one-on-one, return blows) and use the spell after that. On Normal mode the boss can die too fast, voiding the requirements.
  • The only difference between Normal and Extreme is the damage scaling - you'll receive way more damage when hit- and the number of projectiles a boss can fire. Other than that it's the same attacks and requirements.



  • He is a nimble opponent but has low health, which can prove to be troublesome on Normal for some requirements.
  • He will start the fight with his fire arrows. Avoid them or counter them with your ranged attack :circle:
  • Once he gets close, press :square: the moment he starts to swing his spear to trigger an One-on-One.
  • He will occasionally charge at you with his spear. Press :triangle: when he gets near you to trigger a Purge.
  • He will shoot fire wheels at you. Reflect them back with :square: to fulfill the Return Volley.
  • When you are near Nehza, spam :square: until he starts to block. Once he blocks, press :triangle: to trigger a Guard Break.
  • Once you reflect back enough fire wheels and do a followup (a :square: appears), Nehza's fire wheels will break. Nehza will let you know when the fire wheels are broken.
  • Once everything above has been fulfilled, use your spell with the full bar (:r1: + :cross:) to defeat him.



  • He is a behemoth of a boss, reminiscent of Asura's Wrath. Fortunately he's the easiest to defeat.
  • He will almost always start with an axe swing. The moment he starts swinging his axe towards you, press :triangle: to trigger a Purge.
  • He has NO One-On-One triggers, so don't try to do that.
  • Destroy one of his shoulder volcanoes, since they will do the most damage on Extreme.
  • Pull back and wait until he shoots a meteor to fulfill the Return Volley.
  • Focus on destroying his second volcano for a requirement.
  • Destroy his two chains - circle him and aim for his back. Trying to attack him in the front will make him grab you and inflict tons of damage.
  • For his shoulder tackle, press :cross: to fly up in the air and avoid it.
  • He has multiple axe attacks. The most dangerous is the one where he shoots wind slices at you. Use a Purge  to counter him. All axe attacks can be countered.
  • Finish him with Spells and Purges.



  • The most difficult of the three bosses, he wields both a bow and a spear.
  • He will always start the fight with his bow and will fire a single shot. You can riposte this shot back to him for the Return Volley.
  • In his "first phase", he will alternate between shooting 3 homing arrows and shooting arrows in a cross-patter. Avoid his  homing arrows and riposte the cross arrows back to him to inflict the most amount of damage.
  • He will also shoot from above you, shown on-screen by pillars of light. Avoid those.
  • After enough damage was inflicted, a cutscene will occur and the second phase will start. This is where Erlang Shen uses his spear.
  • When in spear mode, he will dash at you and start attacking. Press :square: at the right time for an One-on-One (similar to Nehza).
  • He will also light up and attack with his spear leaving traces of green slashes. Press :triangle: instead to trigger a Purge.
  • In case you couldn't trigger the Purge, Erlang Shen will summon a tornado. Mash R2 to dodge out of the way - on Extreme mode, this tornado can stunlock and kill you.
  • Once he switches to his bow, immediately rush and attack him. Once he starts blocking, press :triangle: to break his bow and trigger his first guard break.
  • He will be forced to switch to his spear. Attack him with regular strikes until he starts guarding without retaliating. Use :triangle: to break his spear and trigger his second guard break.
  • If you break both of his weapons, he will open his third eye and recreate his weapons.
  • From this point, aim to finish the battle as fast as possible: Spells, Purges, One-on-One and Projectile Ripostes.
  • If you fulfilled all the requirements and managed to finish the DLC under 18 minutes, the trophy should unlock.


A video representation to this battle can be found below: 



I hope this small DLC guide will be helpful for those who will attempt the only UR trophies from this game :) 

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The second boss is giving me more trouble than the last boss lol, absolutely not looking forward to trying this 😒😂. Hopefully this guide can help. Thanks 😎


Just got this done, thank you for the guide! :D

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