Solutions for certain PS4 Trophies not popping (developer commands)

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For everyone who has difficulties with any of the building trophies on the PS4 version, this worked for me:

- Dressed for the weather trophy: Build the head and hand stuff with no cost. As soon as you start building the suit (third piece) save and quit. During the producing process! When you then load your save again it should finish building and the trophy should pop!

- For the penguin I did the same as above (except there are not multiple pieces of it)

- Sea train: Fabricate everything you need with the no cost command. The only thing you are not getting is led. Instead build three modification stations. After that save and quit. After loading, deconstruct the three stations and you'll have 3 led in your inventory. Now you can build your sea train. ATTENTION: It is important, that there is no train already built in the save from previous attempts! The trophy will then not pop, because it counts only on the first train built on a save! This drove me crazy until I realized that. (As a hint, there is a sea train symbol in the main menu on the save, if you already built one).

- Jukebox: Almost same as above, but build a storage (this who needs 2 titan and quarz). Save and quit. After reloading, deconstruct it and build the jukebox. Done. The rest works fantastic with youtube guides for ps5 versions.


Hope this helps


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worked for me also thanks mate been stuck trying to get Dressed for the weather trophy for ages thanks again


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