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Online trophies - some tips


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Just thought I’d share a few tips to help get the online trophies done. They should help you get them all both quickly and without boosting.


1. Create a private lobby. This will allow YOU to choose which modes (preset medley, custom medley, quick match) and sports get played. Once your lobby exists, hold R2 to unlock it so that it’s no longer private - any randoms can then join.


2. For any medley games, assuming one other player joins the game, just make sure you select the same team as them (I.e. both be blue or both be red). With 2 human controlled players vs the AI, you’re virtually guaranteed to win the gold as a team.


3. For the quick match medals, you do need to be better than at least one other player. Just pick the sport or sports that play to your strengths. Be sure to unlock the tips for that sport - there’s a good chance your opponent doesn’t know all of the tricks to get an advantage. Similarly, adjust your player’s ability to suit the sport you’re playing (e.g. power build for hammer throw).


The online trophies are really straightforward so don’t be intimidated.

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In addition to this, all trophies can be earned in private matches so grab yourself a friend and boost these together. 


For medley, go on opposite teams and do 2x100m. Alternate getting 1st and 2nd and you will earn 7 points each and both get a win. Do these 10 times and you'll grab that trophy.

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