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Fast Travel, Loading Times Ps4

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on my way to platinum, there's something that's been making me very discouraged, the loading times on fast travel.
I decided to make some trophies, such as:


Orlog Champion > Beat all the Orlog players

Slam Master > Complete all the flytings

The Hidden Truth > Obtain all video fragments and watch the hidden truth video

Master Hunter > Defeat all Alpha animals (Base game only)

Dreamcatcher > Destroy 10 Curse Symbols (Base game only)

with this mistake, I ended up making a lot of unnecessary fast travel, which is annoying and ended up making me take a break from platinum in Valhalla.
I should have focused on this trophy:

Completionist All the Way! > Complete all territories

so the other trophies would come naturally, doing 100% of one map before going to the next map.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the best you're going to get on the PS4. The graphics and scope of the game are likely pushing the console to its limits.


If you want better performance, play the PS5 version, the PS5 is more than adequate to handle a game as big as Valhalla.

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