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Any tips for the last campaign section?


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Generally, if you're climbing the cage to get the bags, mashing the triggers is enough to win the struggle battle if she goes to grab you. It's when it comes to escaping that she'll win the struggle easily. Found the best way to deal with that was to let her get a move in when there's a bag on the cage, mash the get up button and then climb the opposite side and go for the escape. The AI will try to shimmy all the way round rather than climb down, giving you enough time to escape and win the match. Found it the hardest match of the section just because Ember seemed to counter more than others.

Final two fights are 10 man rumbles with the same strategy as any other rumble. Getting an opponent down to the red health bar is usually enough to win the corner elimination game Rest of it is countering and using the heal power up when available.

1 vs 1 against Taker is best accomplished by a ring out win. His health goes down slowly so escaping the ring, hitting a few big moves and getting back in at 9 was my strategy. Took a couple of attempts as getting the timing right is tricky. If the animation for getting in the ring hasn't finished by the 10 count, it counts as a draw. Tag team against DX and the Bellas is pretty much just wailing on whoever and going for the cover closer to your corner. 

I lucked out in the triple threat as Rey hit Kalisto with a finisher and then left the ring to taunt. If he didn't want the pin, I was taking it. Doing it normally is a similar strategy - wait for one to hit a finisher on the other and then hit your own move and go for the pin on the lowest health one. 

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Ember Moon cage match is the toughest part of the campaign so if you get by that, you should be golden.  Can’t remember anything tough after that.


Make sure you get a good start, because if you fall behind in cage money, it gets tough.  Only go for the cage if you think you have time.  Otherwise, beat up Ember some more before you try.  This goes for grabbing cash or getting out of the cage.  Play it safe, you don’t want to get into R2/L2 spamming as you’ll usually lose.


Undertaker match is tough too, but yeah, you can cheese it and get him counted out.

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OK, also I have another question. is there a "correct method" to do the r2+l2 minigame? I just spam them alternated, but my bar just goes up slowly everytime. is just the cpu being unfair or is there like a "best rhytm" to excel at it?

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On 30/8/2021 at 5:47 AM, Sarah-Kimochiii said:

impossible for me to win the smashing buttons games , i'm a girl with no muscles, no all players are males with lot of strengh pffff

actually that minigame is hard on playstation for everyone, it is just calibrated badly. so it is not your fault at all.

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