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Going for the platinum, tips?

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So, because Angry Birds Trilogy on Vita has an unobtainable platinum (whoever decided to put that Near trophy in the game can go suck a big one), I decided to give the PS3 version a shot as I really want to get a platinum trophy from playing Angry Birds Classic and Seasons (Rio feels like an afterthought to me, but it's not bad). Yes, I know the DLC isn't possible to get anymore. That's fine, as long as I can get the platinum.


I am aware this game has 19 "exclusive" levels. I think they're required for the platinum, but I don't know for sure.


I have a general idea of what to expect because I played the games on iOS as a kid, and I also have the trilogy on Vita. AFAIK, the platinum on PS3 isn't quite as bad as it was on Vita because the Vita port has all the DLC levels included and required for the platinum.

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