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Shifty Character is missable

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14 hours ago, kiseiju68 said:

Is the "Shifty Character" trophy missing? It takes 29 and not 30, but what I have read the crystals in areas where you can not return are two (there was a way to return to that area, but it seems that after the patch you can not return).


Trophy unlocked, you can delete the topic.



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24 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

How did you fix this problem?

There are 2 crystals in an area you can’t get back to, but the game will force you to hit one of them when you’re in that area. So in truth your worst case scenario is one unmissable crystal (which allows you to get the 29/30)

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On 17/7/2021 at 4:54 PM, HuntingFever said:

How did you fix this problem?

I hadn't played the level yet, when I got to the rails running area, I spun as much as possible on the rails and eventually managed to catch both of the missing crystals.

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  • 1 month later...

It’s still able to get- even after defeating the boss. I literally just did it yesterday. You will need the hover boots. Go to the area where the green goo is at- jump to that top. From there, jump to the next high point. You want to be on the metal looking thing- Face the metal part (rocks and elevator are on your right) You need to use the hover boots, jump against the rocks, then bounce off them- land on the second platform of the elevator on the side (it's orange) Then, jump off of the invisible wall then hover back to up and over the top of the elevator. The older trick won't work anymore- since the patch they installed that annoying invisible wall. No idea why they didn't just fix it so the elevator opens again. This is the way around it. Once you are there- the stupid elevator floor follows you up... yeah....

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16 minutes ago, mikem192 said:

The game is far from ‘shit’! If you’re saying it is just because you missed one thing and can’t get back there, then no ones going to take your opinion seriously as much as you’re allowed it.


The sales and reviews state the obvious, it’s an epic game. In a world where most games come out with bugs and glitches needing endless patches. This game came out in mint condition and plays very well. The only thing I’d say was a negative is it wasn’t long enough 


Theres just no pleasing some people

Thats what I think. Its your s of you think Its not, BUT I DO

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1 hour ago, BumNudlZua84 said:

I try it, but this stupid flying Bot always annoys me cause he Fly in Front of me and block me Jumping. Thats soooo stupid. The Game is shit and Its the First Game of the Ratchet Series wäre you cant reach all on normal way 

You must have a very high bar for excellence my friend.

I would be VERY curious to hear what you think is a good game.


Rift Apart is a gem.  It is a little short for the price but not so much that I'm unhappy.

Looking forward to the next one.

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