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Why Is This Ultra Rare?


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Add to that there's a game spanning collectable system which is annoying to complete. The story wasn't that enjoyable either. I don't remember too many crashes though, but the trophy for entering the mines (I think it was) being glitchy was annoying. There's a solution on the forum which works, fortunately.
I did platinum it, but I'm single minded enough to finish almost every game I start ... almost. I obviously used a collectable guide and a full play through youtube to point me where I needed to go as there were a few parts (especially in the beginning) where I had no idea what to do :S.

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I needed to play the game from beginning to end 4 times because i always missed one of the collectibles and i could not find any collectible guides for the game when i played it but the 4th time i finally found it.

I dont think the other trophies are any hard it was only the collectibles that almost prevented me from getting the platinum.

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