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2 player co-op career not working!


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Me and another user tried to start a two player co-op career yesterday evening. I set up a 10 season with 5 lap co op career mode hosting, everything was fine for me and I could sit in the lobby and wait for the other player but they couldn't connect, I thought maybe that it was something I set up wrong. The other player set up the same season but this time they hosted and the same happened to me, every time I tried to connect it kept coming up with a no network connection error, but they could sit in the lobby and wait for me. Its like it was only allowing one of us in at a time and blocking the other.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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I haven't had any problems with 2 player career and i did it 2 times. Once on the ps4 version and once on the ps5 version


one time i was host and the other time i was invited


we also did the same: 10 race season with 5 laps 

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