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Bright Lights Big City glitch

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Hi everyone.
My friend have a problem with this trophy. We are playing the entire game togheter and I host the game. We made everything, but the trophies for complete all the right island and center island didn’t pop (the others 2 pop). So, he loaded his game and he saw that 2 cribs (the one for the airplane on the right island, and the one for the boat on the center island) that he bought in my play, are still to buy in his game, but when he go on the place, he can’t buy them. So he tried to buy the upgrade for unlock an island and the trophy pop, he reload the savegame, buoght the upgrade for the other island and the trophy pop. The problem now is that he can’t buy the upgrade for both the islands, so the trophy for unloak all the islands doesn’t pop. How we can do?

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Why/how can’t he buy those cribs?


Also: are you sure that he’s dine everything else? Both center & right island have enemy strongholds that are kind of hard to detect. Are you sure it’s not because of those missing?

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Yes, we made everything, I unlocked all the trophies and even him. 
we think that the problem is that he bought those cribs in my game, but for some unknown reason the game doesn’t count them. So when he open his game, on the map he see 8/10 cribs and the icon have the dollar icon for buy them, but when he reach one of them, there isn’t the icon to buy it. 

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