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Missable Trophies?


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On 19/07/2021 at 4:45 PM, FlareZero said:

As the title say, there are missable trophies?

'' Hero'' trophy - Restore the Village requires I believe 7 k gold coins after you beat the game. ( Not sure about the actual number, been a while since I played, will edit after I check.) 


If you dont have 7 k after finishing story, your options are New game + and finish the whole story again while collecting coins from chests and optional objectives, 


Or use chapter select, but when you load into a chapter, game had remembered exactly how many coins you had at that point. Its more like auto saves than chapter select.

You can try and guess if playing from a certain point in the game can maybe get you enough coins for the trophy, but thats a gamble. You could waste a few hours for nothing, or go with New Game+ which should give you enough points, but will take longer. 


I would highly recommend not buying anything during the game ( you dont really need anything as weapons drop from chests which you can use for bosses and fists are good for normal enemies.) 

I had choosen to go with New Game+ since I had spent a decent amount on random stuff while playing. 

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