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What are the best Musou/Warriors games on the PS5 and PS4?


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For Dynasty Warriors, I would say DW8 Xtreme Legends because of the content it has. It also has an import option, meaning you can autopop some trophies on the ps3/vita if you have a copy. DW9 is also decent if you’re looking for a fresh take on the musou genre but if you don’t want an empty world, do refrain from it.


For Samurai Warriors, go for SW4 and Spirit of Sanada or better yet wait for SW5 that will be released next week.


If you’re looking for musou spinoffs or musou-like, I would also recommend Attack on Titan although it is not a proper musou game.

Berserk is also good albeit gory if that’s what you like. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Warriors Orochi 4 and Warriors All-Stars are all also decent. Both Fate Extella Umbral Star and Fate Extella Link might pass your tastes. 


If you’re not the strategy type, I would suggest to ignore any “Empires” and of course Bladestorm.

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Depends mostly on how much you're into the games and what you want in a story. Most are at least 100 hours and many have tons of grinding.


I think either Spirit of Sanada or Samurai Warriors 4 are the best options, performance wise too they run the best.


Spirit Of Sanada feels quite a bit like an RPG, if you want a bit of RPG (walking around a city action) get Sanada, the more action related and you should get Samurai Warriors 4.

I would recommend Spirit Of Sanada because the platinum can be done in a quarter of the time


The Dynasty Warriors games are a bit hit and miss in recent years. And it does feel a bit like "too much content"


Berserk and Legend Of Arslan are also great. The stories are good and they aren't particularly long


If you're more into getting platinums quickly these ones have less than 40 or so hours


Spirit of Sanada

Legend Of Arslan

Warriors All-Stars



Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Warriors Orochi 4 but wow, they are long but the stories are just basically nonsense. How do you easily tell a story with over 100 main characters, well not really all that well. And because there are so many characters, you'll spend half the time not realising who half these people are.

They are super long 100 percent games though. 200-300 hours each.


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is kinda shitty because you will likely want to get 100% on the original PS3 release before moving onto nextgen. Which to be honest, is a pain i wouldn't want to recomend. Same guys as the reason for not buying Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends (as good as that game is) You need to play the base game and without being able to play getting all those trophies (as they don't pop for the earlier PS3/Vita versions)


Warriors Orochi 4 is decent, it's an easy platinum but insanely long grindy DLC (if you hate having a non 100% game on your list, you should avoid this one)


If you really must get an Empires game, make sure it's the Samurai Warriors 4 Empires version, that one is the shortest and least hassle to do.


The best game is Ken's Rage (the 1st game) it's an easy platinum but sadly that's exclusive to PS3.

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is my favorite of the PS4 generation that I've played so far of Warriors games, so that would be my recommendation if your a fan of the series. 


It's a better game than 4 imo, but has a much more grindy platinum. 


Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is still my favorite of all time though across systems. Would love a new one. 

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I'm surprised no one has said Persona 5 Strikers yet. I think it's the best 'warriors' game I've ever played because the gameplay doesn't get too repetitive and the story parts are great.


Also, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is fun to me. Not so sure about the first one.


Finally, the Bleach game on PS3 is also fun but that might be more of a hack and slash than a warriors game.


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Everyone is telling you which games you should play but you also asked which ones you should avoid.


Easily not only the worst game in its franchise but one of the worst games in general.

It's both glitchy and boring.



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Welcome to the Warriors/Musou world! Honestly, the "franchise" is more of a gameplay concept/style stretched across a whole host of IPs, which puts it into a very unique position in that there are a TON of these games spanning a variety of side-genres, visual styles, narratives, and identities. That said, some are definitely a touch more impenetrable than others! Everyone here has already made some really great suggestions, but here is a little more thorough detail about some of the common games mentioned so far.

- For the original franchise, Dynasty Warriors 8 XL on the PS4 is generally considered one the best "jumping-on" points nowadays for its very fast, fluid, and fun combat (I personally think it is the peak of the series in terms of core gameplay) and incredible wealth of content across a variety of game modes. Since each numbered instalment essentially serves as a retelling of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms plot (a traditional Chinese historical-mythological story) with differences in focal characters, narrative points-of-attack, presentation styles, etc., each game can really be enjoyed on its own. That said, the more familiar you are with the story its vast collection of characters, the easier it will be to jump into each game. I've always felt like Dynasty Warriors 7 features the most cohesive and well-paced narratives but, alas, it is a PS3 game. 

- For the sister franchise, Samurai Warriors, 4 is definitely the safest recommendation. Everything before 4 is harder to get your hands on and features the more "old" style of warriors gameplay which, to be frank, is slower, less impressive-looking, and something many would consider highly clunky. 4 has great presentation, significantly smoother gameplay thanks to revamped movesets that provide plenty of speed and control, although I have always found the stories of the entire SW series to be overall less coherent and impactful than DW (this might also be made worse due to the lack of English dubs for any games in the 4 subseries, depending on your preferences).

- I would actually advise against checking out the Warriors Orochi games until you've at least played a little bit of both DW and SW, since these games pretty much assume you are already familiar with the characters from the respective franchises. Coupled, again, with the last of English dubbing, and WO 3 and 4 are not at all newcomer-friendly. Still, this franchise is highly rewarding and extremely fun for those already invested in these games.

- You can honestly pick your poison when it comes to the crossover Warriors games, whether that be for the various anime licenses or video game franchises tackled by Koei. There are TONS of good ones, such as the recent Persona 5 Strikers if you're looking for more of a role-playing story-driven game featuring Warriors accoutrements. In case you do have a Switch, both the Hyrule and Fire Emblem warriors games are excellent examples of the style. Honestly, I feel like Koei puts more effort and polish into their Nintendo Warriors games than many of their own titles.

In the end, there are simply SO many games to pick from when it comes to Warriors. I would recommend starting with one of the crossovers for an IP you already are familiar with and using that as your "in" to the genre before exploring the more niche titles. As well, even as someone who's been playing these games since 2003, I recommend not going overboard and playing many in succession. I adore these games, but with each game usually having huge amounts of content (and grinding if you're looking for platinums) as well as similar gameplay mechanics and loops, it is very easy to get burnt out. 

I do really hope you enjoy whichever game(s) you pick! :)

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