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Tips for Come Fly with Me?


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Struggling with this one and am running out of ideas to try. The number of tourists fluctuates between 35 and 55 and I can't seem to increase it any further. I've tried everything I can think of or find online:

  • Space elevator right next to the aviation club (bringing in between 500-1000 tourists weekly), airport nearby with bus route
  • Metro line on the other side of club
  • Bus route on road, with stop by metro line - connected to an intercity bus station nearby (with subsequent connections to other stations)
  • Traffic is flowing at 80% for the entire city, but no backups near the aviation club
  • Selected all policies that boost tourism (Boost connections, tourist travel card, airplane tours)
  • Tried both removing all nearby attractions as well as building lots of other attractions in the area, neither seemed to influence the # visiting the club much
  • Entire area is tourism zoned
  • Attraction budget is set to 150%
  • Built Eden project to increase land value (and increase # of tourists coming in)
  • Have walking tours and sightseeing tours nearby
  • Have a campus with exchange students with transit connection
  • Population 175K


Are there any other strategies I may be missing?

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Sounds like you are doing the main things I did, but a couple to maybe give a go and see if they help:


  • try some light commercial near it - just a small amount to increase 'non-walking tour specific' foot traffic - i.e. just passers by.
  • position it between some residential and some commercial that is close enough that it results in 'walking commutes' that go past the aviation centre
  • Add some green-space (trees / parkland with a walkway (non-vehicular traffic) that happens to go past / end at the aviation club
  • don't get rid off all other attractions - have some, but not ones that conflict - so less intense ones like small parks, etc.
  • make sure there isn't a bunch of traffic congestion near it


can't guarantee these all have a big impact, (or any) but that's the kind of stuff I did to get it


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Some good tips, thanks. I did just manage to get it - not sure exactly what helped, but I was able to squeak by with 61 tourists. After using your tips I went to start working on general traffic flow around my industrial area, as I was having occasional supply issues to the commercial tourism buildings.

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