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Does survival mode score not add to your lifetime score?


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I've gotten tired of grinding out the regular stages to hit 5 million in lifetime score, but it seems like survival mode isn't adding to that score. It's difficult to check with there being no way to actually see your lifetime score without beating a stage.

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No it doesn't add to your lifetime, earlier I was at 12.6m lifetime score & then I played a couple of games of Survival (including a stage 37 run where I hit 563k score) & then did a Mania+ stage & only had 12.7m after it which was just the increase from the Mania+ stage.


I noticed on release day that it didn't appear to be going up but earlier was the first time I properly tested it.

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That's another bummer on an otherwise great game. I mean, at this point, when you're grinding up to get all the alternate moves, you have very likely played through the story numerous times to get the various character playthrough trophies. To keep repeating it to get those missing points while you already are working on the Survival grinding (if you're going for 100 % completion) is a bit too much. Survival is great fun, don't get me wronrg. But it's a tall order to get every alternate move unlocked. If you're playing on your own, that adds hours of grinding to the whole thing.

Another negative is the intolerable lag in the online multiplayer.

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