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Extremely Grindy


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If you want to get the platinum trophy in this game you're in for one hell of a grind. You need to buy and level up 47 cars and that can take forever because the money you earn is so small. The price of the cars will increase as you buy so every new car will take longer to obtain than the previous. Winning an online match with many people in it can give you something around 7500 but that's if you're lucky enough to win. Offline is always 2500 even if you win on the harder versions of the events.


You want to use that red monster truck on the cover or some other cars you seen in the trailer? Unfortunately you can't just buy whatever car you want when starting out. You need to buy them in order. A lot of the cars are not available for purchase until you level up a certain amount of cars. By the time you finally unlocked the rainbow van (if you wanted to use it) you're almost done with the game.


The online trophies requires luck due to the random events. A good player can gatekeep you from a trophy when the game finally picks the event you need. You're better off looking for an area that's isn't stacked but that also can be difficult. There's only three ares where you can play with other people which is Arctic, forest and canyon. The moon just puts me offline. You can't create your own room and pick the event you want.


The type of grind I had to do in this game reminded me of "From C to Shining C" from Super Street Fighter 4 but not as bad.

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