Expeditions Update (Patch 1.06)

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New patch dropped a week or so ago which completely changed how you unlock the Elemental Weapons. 

In older versions you found one weapon at the end of every labyrinth, which meant you needed at least 2 full play thrus (or online help) to find all eight. Now you can buy all eight weapons from the shop on Island 1, but have to unlock them by completing requests for new Taskmaster NPCs who can be found on Islands 2-5.


I hadn’t gotten far on the old patch before the upgrade, but I think I prefer this route. It means you can get all the items in one run without having to find an online game. Plus there are other QOL upgrades that help you with things like knowing the difficulty of a new island you’ve landed on


On, and there are also a couple of new crafting items, but the good news is that they didn’t break the trophy system this time :) 


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