What do you need exactly to do Over the Top solo?

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I'm seeing Buzzblades get listed a lot but I've been grinding out stuff in level 1 and have yet to get them, so what stage do they unlock?. 


Also is it possible to change the default blaster to another weapon by what drops in the first weapon pod(the one that doesn't cause a wave of enemies to spawn)?


And how vital is infinite ammo to completing it? How hard is it to get the 105 points needed, I've been grinding out the mobility ones and I've got walking finished and almost have the hovering one done.

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Your first and second questions are both solved by unlocking the buzzblades. I think the buzzblades come from the second or third stage, I can't remember. Once you have them they always appear in the first weapon pod; you always choose between the blaster and buzzblades. This is why they get mentioned a lot because it is the first weapon you pick up and they are actually pretty good when fully upgraded. The only other weapon you need is the doppelbanger which is used for passive defence.


The infinite ammo cheat isn't vital to completing it, just a convenience. I finished the first two level dev times without the cheat. I did the final boss with the cheat but given you can take your time and unlock all the weapon pods in the first section, because the time only applies to the boss fight section, its also probably pretty easy. All the dev times are doable without the ammo cheat, just you will have to find weapon crates occasionally. Since you are only using two weapons, you're pretty much guarenteed to alyways fill up the buzzblades when you hit an ammo crate.


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