Samurai Warriors 5: All Rare Weapons & Objectives list - Trophy Guide.

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Hey everyone, I recently ran through & picked up all the 15 Rare weapons in Samurai Warriors 5. Instead of making long videos covering each & every battle, I figured it would be more convenient to do a showcasing while putting the Rare weapons unlock conditions on screen. They're all the same, only relevant thing is character usage, specific level & also playing on hard or above.


PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT EDIT: I accidentally made two vital typos on two of the rare weapons. Yasuke's required stage for the Gloves is actually Nobunaga's Path - Chapter 6-2 - Conquest of Kai & Shingen's required stage for the Great Spear is Nobunaga's Sub scenario - Chapter 4 - Battle of Mikatagahara (Takeda Army) I do apologise, it was like 4am when I was typing all that text up & I just wanted it done. I do wish Youtube had a built in edit feature that wasn't just trimming & blur or brought back annotations, would make correcting mistakes so much more easier. Anyway, I'll be more thorough next time.



1) Choose correct Character & relevant Stage.


2) You need to complete both characters required stages & conditions.


3) Play on Hard or above.


4) Levels can be played out of order.


5) The weapon will pop up at the end results screen once both required level condition's have been fulfilled.


6) The game apparently remembers & retains your previously earned ranks. e.g. Let's say your first run on a level is S,S,A,S. Next time you play that level, in the e.g. case, you'll apparently only have to earn that one (S) rank that you previously got an (A) rank on. I keep using the word apparently, because multiple people were commenting on the videos saying this is what they had done & the weapons had still popped at the end for them. I myself just secured all S ranks in one go to be safe. I suppose it's a case of pick your poison.



& Here is an entire objective list that I compiled together.




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I accidentally made two vital typos within the video. Also added an Objectives list video guide & a complete post restructure.

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I was reading on Reddit that you can get the 4 S ranks on different runs . Like S on Time  and AAA on others -> second run A on Time and SSS on other categories .  And it will still count .

As long as you use correct Character for the S ranks .... and i think you have to get the Stage S rank aswelll once .


I know it sounds confusing what i try to say, but most sources say you need all 4 S ranks , but other sources say you need S rank on every category atleast once with specific character.


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