Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Backlog Challenge

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53 minutes ago, Heather342 said:

I did Spirit of the North during the spring challenge. I quite enjoyed it, the music was very chilled out, and also I quite liked that's there's no dialogue at all and it's all a bit of a mystery what happened there. I think chapter 4 was a good one for just running around the big open spaces. Although the platforming controls aren't the best I will agree with you on that one.


Also, if you do own a Switch then I would thoroughly recommend Breath of the Wild. The game is fantastic 1f601.png


I've just changed my mind after an hour or so on it this afternoon. I don't think I was using my brain enough when I first sat down with it! It's a much more pleasant experience now! The music's lovely ☺️

I've been looking at the Switch on eBay this morning. If I want to class myself as a Zelda fan, I really should play Breath of the Wild soon 🤦Early Christmas present I think!


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