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Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Backlog Challenge

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1 hour ago, rjkclarke said:


Good luck with this one! That shouldn't give you too much trouble. So I wish you all the best with it.


I knocked that out at the start of the challenge - and as you are doing the PS3 version like I did, I really hope that you don't run into the pain in the backside glitch where you get to the bomb bridge in one of the later levels, where every time a bomb appears on your screen it instantly freezes the game. It literally crashed my console about twenty times trying to get through that bit.


You might be doing this already.....


...... But, if you want to deal with enemies a little bit quicker on Nightmare difficulty, I recommend doing the rolling stab move that you can do and then transition into like that somersault jumping slam attack that you can do, that does a decent amount of damage, and let's you crowd control enemies. When you get a hammer it's even more helpful, as you'll knock enemies flying and you can usually isolate one of them and damage one or two in quick succession.


Hopefully that might help you a bit, as the game absolutely swamps you with combat and little areas full of boat loads of enemies later on, so using some of those really helped me to stay alive for some of the later levels.


Thanks for the pointers! So far I've been getting by with the somersault only, but figured out the rolling attack by accident against that armorer bear in Ch2. I've read about the bombing glitch, and not being a patient man when it comes to crashes galore, it will be guaranteed to test my patience! :) I have a feeling I will be mentioning this part on the forum when getting there in the game..

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