Beat Metal Attacker 1st area trophy any tip ?

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Now i got all but one trophy that is more challenge than I thought it would be.

I can't get him down to 3rd bar...the tank control while have no upgrade at all is clunky to even try to dodge those projectile.

Any tip?

edit got it: 

Here is tip:
1. collect 1 health upgrade and Jason Shield as you can
2. Back up save so you dont have to replay area again
3. try spam shoot missile at enemy as close as possible and as fast as possible
4. If there is hard to dodge move like lightning, dismount your tank and shoot it as Jason (yes you can and it deal cosiderable amount of damage when mashing) until Jason health is low (any attack deal 2 damage to him) then you can get back to tank...Jason's health will recover every time you get back to the tank so you can abuse this by dodging hard to dodge move and let jason get those damage.

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