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Should be available on your PlayStation Store on the PS3. Look for it there.


For some reason other Playstation Stores mainly make games for that console available/listed instead of being overall which I find to be pretty of dumb.

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18 minutes ago, Satsarn13 said:

Is this game still on PS now or is there any way to play this game?


I been interested to complete the whole Sonic series but this game might be a gatekeeper with no way to play.

Can't speak to the on-system PS3 store currently, don't have access to one atm, but last month nearly every SEGA title that was previously available on PS Now was removed. There is no indication as of yet to whether or not any of these games will be re-added to the PS Premium service; more information about the games that will be available will hopefully be provided to us within the next 9 days before the service transition.


Similar concerns have been raised for Konami and SCEA titles which were removed with minimal notice after being available on the service for years. Will provide an update if I find out anything else, I quickly blasted through as many PS Now games as I could the passed two months due to the ambiguity of which games would be preserved so I understand where you're coming from. For anyone curious, the official PlayStation Blog lists a few dozen games which will be included on the service. Most people are expecting that page to either be updated or followed up by a full list soon.

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