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[Video] Super Star Blast - Walkthrough and Trophy Guide [ScorpioOfShadows]


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Hello everyone,


Super Star Blast is an indie shooter game.


Difficulty: 2/10 OR 10/10 if the game crashes on you and corrupts your save game

Duration: 4 hours OR 6 hours if you get crashes
Offline trophies: All
Online trophies: None

DLC: None
Minimum number of playthroughs: Around 150 Levels
Number of missable trophies: 1


Super Star Blast is an easy game in terms of trophies.

The difficulty comes from the fact that the game crashes and when it does, it corrupts your save game, so my advice is to do back up saves quite regularly to avoid redoing too many of the levels.

The trophy roadmap:

  • Play through the levels

  • Upgrade half of the shield

  • Fully upgrade the power

  • If you haven't done until now the 30s completion trophy, then after having full power and you get a level with few enemies swarming at you, then finish them off quickly

  • Fully upgrade the shield

  • Fully upgrade the agility

  • You will play around 150 levels for all the upgrades


Some notes about the gameplay:

  • If you die, you lose all the coins

  • When you see a red enemy on radar, quickly charge and kill it, then quickly gather all the coins. These are the only coins that carry over even if you die

  • Do not buy more than 1 ship upgrade, is useless, if you die you continue from same level



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