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Fast Platinum Time


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Made a script case anyone ever wants to beat the #1 time.  I screwed it up (changed characters at the end of Level 2), messed around in Chapter 6 too long thinking Hammer Havoc was the charge trophy from Trine 2: Complete Story and still got 40 minutes (12th).


  1. Play the game on easy, making your way through Level 6 without unlocking any trophies (not hard)
  2. Play Level 2 with only Amadeus for Flying Solo
    1. Go for Dirty Tactics using Monster Levitation
    2. When you reach the area with the swinging logs, dispatch of the enemies carefully, not breaking the boxes and get High Rise
    3. Get I Didn't Do It by...
      1. Killing an enemy with the big square rock (usually natural)
      2. Levitate an enemy into spikes
      3. Levitate an enemy into the red plant spit
    4. After you slide down onto the bouncy mushrooms, kill the archer and get Bouncy Bouncy
    5. Directly after that get This Wasn't the Plan from the bubble there (ideally after you've made it up using them)
    6. Go for Surfboard Master when you reach the air vent (that's the strategy for progression anyway)
      1. I found drawing the plank first, centering it, then jumping on it was easiest
  3. Level Select and play level 3
    1. Go for A Hail of Arrows (use Zoya's Frozen Arrows    
    2. Go for Cirque de Zoya, right after that gate you have to stick a box beside to get the gate to open
    3. Go for Hammer Havoc when you find your first archer. Kill everyone house, levitate the archer if need be, and throw the hammer at the ground before him
  4. Level Select and play level 7
    1. Go for A Floral Feast (run to the plan, kill yourself 3 times)
  5. Level Select and play level 6
    1. Go for Icebreaker using the cauldron
      1. Use Levitation to let 3 enemies spawn, then freeze 'em and charge 'em
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