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Trophy Guide/Help for easy Platin


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Kinggampe, thank you for posting this. Considering there are only 23 trophies total, this video makes completing over half of them simpler. 


UPDATE: Adding the parts map is a great help to other players. I'd double upvote your post if I could.

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For the campaign:

  • I recommend going for the Tractor Beam* salvage first after you got your amphibious vehicle on the first island. Location is top-left on the map. Make sure to install at least two of them if you have enough power cores ;).
  • If you decide to play multiplayer you are able to get inside other players creations. You can repair these creations with :circle: but you can't enter build mode with them (unless you got the parts).

* It's called Eletromagnet in the map linked above. In the English version it was called Electromagnet but now it's called the Tractor Beam. Also Cone 2x2x2 is missing from the map, it's next to the Spinning Servo.


For the races:

You need to do like 13 races to get the 3 related race trophies. You need the in-game currency to unlock races so make sure to save at least 2500 of it. It's pretty easy to get currency in non-campaign modes. For most races the provided blueprint is all you need but if you struggle try to build your own.


For the ball puzzles:

Don't need to watch the video for this because it will show the intended solution, just use your campaign vehicles to easily get these.

Or you can use the build mode trick to move your vehicle on top of obstacles, this trick is useful in campaign too.

  • Enter build mode with touchpad
  • Select your whole vehicle by holding :cross: and then drag a box around your vehicle
  • The build camera can be annoying sometimes but try to move your vehicle on top of the obstacle
  • Exit the build mode with touchpad

The minimum required parts list:

This list is useful if you are able to use other people's creations. All parts except Tractor Beam are needed for the spaceship blueprint. Unlocking  :gold: Ready for take-off

  • 24 of the 31 available power cores (including the one you get from the start). 15 for :gold: Power Core Collector
  • Block 1x2
  • Dragon Jet. :gold: Bring Marshmallows!
  • Gimbal Jet
  • Powered Simple Tailfin
  • RAW Jet
  • Rounded 2x1
  • Rounded 2x4x2
  • Rounded Corner 2x2x2
  • Rounded Inverted 1x2
  • Simple Tailfin
  • Spaceship Cockpit
  • Tractor Beam. :silver: So attractive!
  • Tube Cross
  • Tube Elbow
  • Tube Tee



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On 11/21/2022 at 3:27 AM, Hysteria said:

Any online trophy related to the game?


Only 2 trophies require interaction with the online blueprint Gallery:


:silver: Sharing is Caring - Upload a vehicle to the Gallery

:silver: Car Collector - Download and load in a vehicle from the Gallery

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