Tournamentor easy exploit (1 controller)

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So I've just earned Tournamentor using 1 controller, I just thought about trying this exploit  because I was struggling against Expert ( I haven't seen it any where online).  Here's what to do: 

1-start a new tournament from main men

2- settings : Diff expert / singles/ 3 rounds/ 1 set per match/ 3 games per set/ tie break/ disabled 


Now you start the match on expert, let the opponent score the first point, now press options and change the difficulty to very easy , play the match normally until the last match point, win the point ( make sure it's 100% won use slice or drop shot for example) then quickly press options again to change the difficulty to Expert( before the point is counted and you get the players cinematics. )

Rinse for the following two matches and you should get the trophy. 

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1 minute ago, theramizahmed said:

Yay nice exploit especially for ppl who don't have 2 controllers, 

Will try this soon! 2764.png

Nice to see you around here!


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