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lumphy101's trophy checklist


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So this is my list of platinums, a rather short read. 

#1- #10


Lego Batman 2:DC Superheroes [12/11/12]


Rarity: 29.25%

My 2nd PS3 game, loved it. I played it again and again until platinum. Love how the minifigures talk. Nice game.



The Walking Dead [12/22/12]


Rarity: 52.38%

I picked this up episode by episode on the PSN. One of the best games I've played. Psyched for Season 2. Pretty sad ending though.



Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale [02/23/13]


Rarity: 17.3%

I loved this when I first got it. Pretty easy plat, except for "This is Living." Story is repetitive, but loved playing as all the characters.



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus [04/13/13]


Rarity: 56.95%

Not the strongest of the trilogy. Felt old and the level system was annoying. Still, good game. Nice $10 buy and an easy platinum.



Sly 2: Band of Thieves [05/02/13]


Rarity: 62.39%

This was my favorite Sly Cooper game. Great new HUB worlds and the missions were all unique. Loved the new feel. Fastest plat to date.



Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves [05/21/13]


Rarity: 41.88%

Pretty strong game. Started with a nice cliffhanger. Similar to the 2nd one. Nice add-on and a nice plat.



Saints Row: The Third [11/04/13]


Rarity: 15.56%

Got this as a PS+ exclusive. Pretty fun story, great characters. Planning on getting 4. It's a grind for the Vehicle Thefts and all, but I love how it isn't serious at all. The actual game has a dildo bat and an octopus mind control gun. Pretty cool. Took me 32 hours.



Counterstrike: Global Offensive [12/05/13]


Rarity: 28.97 %

Pretty impressed how fun it was for $15. It lacked aiming down the scope (except for snipers) and the controls were iffy. Took me an hour dedicated to getting Bunny Hunt by shooting an enemy falling. Pretty nice plat with few difficult trophies.



CSI: Fatal Conspiracy [12/13/13]


Rarity: 56.65%

I actually enjoyed this game pretty much. The cases were great and tied in well with the whole "Queen of the Hive" plot. Very fun. Could be longer, but an easy plat and a fun game!



Gravity Rush [12/29/13]


Rarity: 17.57%

One of the best games I've played. The controls were hard at first, because this was my first Vita game. Got the plat in under 4 days. Greatly enjoyed it. It was a bit Japanese and American at the same time.




Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (Vita) [12/31/13]


Rarity: 20.56%

Not much to say. The story was repetitive. I got the "This is Living" trophy along with 3 others in my very first random match and kicked butt. I had my Vita for about a week before getting this. Pretty good.



Uncharted: Golden Abyss [01/22/14]


Rarity: 15.63%

Very good handheld shooter. Graphics were great. Beat Crushing in 1 day. The bounties were a grind, and collecting the treasures were annoying for 34 chapters, and the boss fights on Crushing were god awful (pulled out quite a bit of hair on the fight with Guerro) but all in all a satisfying platinum.



The Walking Dead (Vita) [02/12/14]


Rarity: 62.83%

Just another run-through of the game I did, picking different things to see how it ended up. Nice free platinum in the end.



Crysis [02/14/14]


Rarity: 29.31%

This game was AMAZING. The graphics were spot-on and open world was a plus. Had tons of fun running around on Easy beating people up with a crate for the achievement. :P



Minecraft [03/24/14]


Rarity: 18.44%

I just bought this to play with my friends on PS3, nothing really exceptional. Besides, pretty easy platinum. PC version was way better though.



Saints Row IV [04/10/14]


Rarity: 14.35%

This game was a worthy successor to SR3. I actually played for a straight 8 hours before heading to bed. And yes, 8 hours on a single player game is good. Challenges were a grind, but still humorous as ever.



inFamous: Second Son [08/16/14]


Rarity: 40.37%

This has to be my favorite game ever. I was more than happy to give it a second playthrough, Expert wasn't too hard, graphics are absolutely top notch gorgeous, powers are awesome, Delsin is a great character, and the collectibles were fun. I absolutely recommend this game to anyone with a PS4 and 60 dollars to spend. Absolutely hyped for inFamous: First Light.



inFamous: First Light [08/31/14]


Rarity: 39.79%

Finally, the long awaited DLC for inFamous: Second Son. The story was fun, and that last bit in the snowy level was fun as well. I liked the expansion of some of the neon powers (sniper), but the challenges felt grindy. Especially the 50 sniper kills in the arenas. Arenas were fun (surprisingly), but the Beta Hostage is a bitch. So is the 30 waves. Anyways, I found it worth the $15, even though I probably won't touch it again for another 4 years.



Hotline Miami [10/24/14]


Rarity: 9.29%

I love this game. Seriously. Go buy it if you haven't. It's a great top view game about just murdering everything in sight. No other objective. The masks also help make this a better game. Good luck on those A+'s, because some of them were pretty damn hard. Cannot wait for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.



Murdered: Soul Suspect


Rarity: 39.39%

It was an alright game, a fun playthrough the first time. Not much replay value, since it's mainly story based. The combat is pretty bad, it's just sneaking up behind demons and holding the analog stick and pressing a button. I got it on sale, but if you're going to play, rent it.




PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate [01/19/15]


Rarity: 5.79%

Again, another alright game. Got it for free from PS+, and it was one of my first PS4 games that I played, so I pretty much played it because I had nothing else to play. Multiplayer is so dead it's ridiculous, but I somehow got matched up enough times to get all of the trophies.



Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham [02/14/15]

Rarity: 27.66%

So this is pretty sad that instead of going out on all sorts of romantic escapades on Valentine's Day, I instead stayed in and got a platinum for a Lego game. This one was better than the second one, which just so happened to be my first platinum. DLC being added in was pretty fun too. Overall, pretty strong for a Lego game.



The Wolf Among Us [02/19/15]

Rarity: 59.89%


100% Games

For this section, I will be putting the most challenging trophy as the image instead of the platinum, as well as the review.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Rarity: 38.64%

Pretty good game, kind of sad. Pretty easy trophy list, I just put the last trophy I unlocked. Fun indie, surprised me by how good it was.



Back to the Future: Episode 1


Rarity: 31.54%

TellTale is back with BTTF! Great series, not much to say. Mixing the rocket fuel took me a few tries to do right.



Back to the Future: Episode 2


Rarity: 53.56%

Kind of a cool episode in terms of an alternate universe where Biff's family is a mob. I had to restart the 6 jumps twice because I would mess up.



Back to The Future: Episode 3


Rarity: 52.78%

Again, another alternate universe. But this one was all uniform society, so I liked this one over the last episode. Demerits took a while to do because they spanned throughout the game.



Back to the Future: Episode 4


Rarity: 68.14%

Episode was kind of boring because it was all about the convention. The "There's a Moose?" trophy was pretty funny, reveals Trixie's dark past.



Back to the Future: Episode 5


Rarity: 55.02%

Good ending to the series. Wasn't too boring. At least I'm finally done with this now.





Rarity: 1.68%

This is one of my favorite games ever. It's all terrifying until Insane mode. I beat it on my 2nd try, that's pretty awesome :). Insane mode is really hard, you must beat the game in one sitting without getting hit, and if you do the whole game restarts. Took me 5+ hours to beat. I watched PS4Trophies and PowerPyx and combined their methods. Almost died on the final Chris Walker scene before you get to the elevator to the sub-basement.



The Walking Dead: Season 2


Rarity: 97.65%

Very sad ending, but at least I didn't cry like I did with Season 1. Just like Season 1, it could get laggy on the Vita, but overall pretty good. Playing as Clementine was surprisingly fun.


Working on:


Battlefield 4



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