PC cheat mods vs PS4 players?

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INB4 getgud


If you’re on PS4, do you get pooled with players on different platforms? Are there cheat mods for PS4 players like those available to PC players?

I suck hard at these games and figured that these rogue players were just Ritalin fueled gaming gods a few decades younger than me. That is likely the case, heh, but ye olde gods, I’m getting killed in 2 seconds flat by supernatural rogue agents. No chance. I dreamed of leveling up my builds and finding one of them shiny exotic 10K RPM weapons until I admitted defeat. Now I will boost the last two trophies in shame. /old man shouts at cloud


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I don't think that there is cross-play for The Division, so all the players are probably PS4 & PS5 players.

I also had a hard time playing against other people. They all had really good weapons and were just really good at the game which indeed made the trophies for killing a rogue agent very difficult. 

It is definitely easier to just boost those trophies.😅


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