Where do you get the DLC costumes?

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I think something went wrong with my DLCs, I've purchased all the costumes and thought it was normal they weren't on my inventory at the start, but I've finished the fourth day and there wasn't any NPC selling them, I thought they might be in the dresser inside the clothing shop but they didn't show up any of the times you go back there. These DLCs don't have download option, so you get them and that's all, don't know if starting the game on PS5 might give any issue, still I got the DLCs in the PS5 store. When I chose "Manage Game Content" it is empty, it doesn't show the epilogue nor the costumes, not sure if that's relevant.


So where are you supposed to find the costumes? In case you only get them when you start a new game I've tried that too and doesn't work. Unless you need to both start a new game and reach a certain point. I didn't purchase the costumes before starting the game, I did when I was on the second zone.


Edit: Oh nevermind, while I purchased from Amazon.es I've checked and it was the USA version, so I've downloaded the stuff from that store and worked.

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