Judgement Cut timing or "Just Cut"

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I've been practicing this for a couple days now.  I think I have some partial advice to give here.  ( I say partial because I am by no means an expert ) 


If you're holding down the attack button, hold it down REALLY hard and try doing the timing that way.  This probably doesn't work for some people but I noticed my timing is a bit better.  I went from no "Just Cuts" to "Jackpot" in almost an hour.  That doesn't really mean anything to me now, simply because I am not consistent.  But maybe it might help others. 


I'm also moving the controller forward (then back) a little bit in a rhythm and it seems to help.  This technique could also help you.


Also, I've been watching Youtube videos of people practicing Just Cuts in the Void.  There's a controller input that shows the button presses and how they do it.  I then follow along with my own controller to get my timing closer to theirs. 


If anyone wants to jump in this thread and offer their experience then go for it.

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