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Video Guides for Speedrunner, Snowrunner & Ultimate Zombie Leader


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I Zombie is an arcade style Zombie game for the playstation 4 and it also available currently on Playstation Now, the game tasks you to capture people and turn them into Zombies while avoiding "army" officers who will shoot you on site. The game is pretty short around 5-10 hours to complete depending on skill/luck. 


There are two worlds in the game themed around summer and winter, there are two objectives to end the level with as many zombies as possible and to complete the level in the fastest possible time. There are three trophy videos below.



You must beat all the levels of the summer world in under 15 minutes, note that you don't have to score 3 stars or save any zombies often turning people into zombies and going directly for the Army guys is the fastest way to complete the levels.



Rather like the Speedrunner trophy, Snowrunner is awarded for beating the winter levels in under 8 minutes, the winter levels are much more difficult and complex than the summer levels but the same principle applies, turning people into zombies quickly and running at the army men is often the best way. 


Ultimate Zombie Leader:

Each level of I, Zombie you are awarded stars on completion based on how many zombies you have remaining once all army men are turned. For the ultimate zombie leader trophy you have to collect 3 stars on all the levels both summer and winter, i would suggest taking your time and working out the routes and best interseption points for the army men. 


Happy trophy hunting!

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