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Problem with different (shared) trophy lists from the same game (GOTY editions, etc)


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I don't know if the problem is already known and if it can be fixed at all here on PSNProfiles,

but there is the following problem which I explain with two games of mine.


There are two different trophy lists for Dark Souls 3, one from "The Fire Fades Edition" and one

from the normal version if you didn't buy "The Fire Fades Edition".

But now when I hide one of the two versions in my Playstation Network account, nothing shows up on PSNProfiles. 


The same is with the game "Metro 2033 Redux".

I played the demo once (trial version of the full version) and later got the collection "Metro Redux".

The Collection now has its own list and the standalone version of "Metro 2033 Redux".

But if I now hide the standalone trophy list in my Playstation Network account, the game is not even displayed on PSNProfiles.


There are two different trophy lists, but they are shared (so no completely new lists)


Is there any way to fix this here on PSNProfiles?


In order for the two games to show up here, I have to unhide the duplicate entries first (but then they show up twice on the Playstation Network profile, which I don't want)


With kind regards

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