Grown Men/Women Shouldn’t Waste Their Lives Playing Video Games

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An obvious clickbait article who were getting low views on other garbage articles they were probably writing so they posted this.
Would have been best just to have ignored this.


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From my experience the people who judge someone's habits based on age are the ones who need to grow up.  Basing one's choice for entertainment on it not being adult enough is a very dumb reason to forgo something fun.  Adults have to deal with enough things that aren't fun, their leisure time should be full of things that are fun.


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On 9/10/2021 at 8:29 PM, baboon_overlord said:

No fren, switch on the TV, consume the lies and propaganda. Be brainwashed. Become a normie. You know it makes sense. 


Seriously though, watch a movie and see how it affects you. I honestly can't watch TV/movies without having to leave the room after a certain amount of time anymore. Once you stop watching that box you start to feel very uneasy in its presence. 


It's passive - video games are the ultimate form of entertainment (and possibly art). You are in control and they combine music, art, literature, gameplay, narrative and also you versus the AI the developers made.


Video games are the ultimate culmination of William Blake's vision of a synthesis of all art forms.


Keep at it mate. Any attempt to shame vidya is probably an MSM campaign to make you switch the idiot box back on again.


Another of my hobbies is climbing 6,000m+ mountains. It's dangerous, uses huge amounts of fossil fuels and is incredibly reckless. You can make anything sound bad if you want to spin it that way. I could also say, I spend money in otherwise marginalised communities, get really fit training for the trips so I'm not a strain on the hospitals and help the transportation industry employ hundreds of thousands of people. Spin is everything.  


Personally? I just want to play video games in peace.



I don't think video games are the end all be all thing people claim them to be. Yes, it is the most popular entertainment medium in existence, there's no denying that and movies/television have for a long time gone by the wayside. But I definitely don't discredit movies as an art form, far from that.


In my mind, those old Bruce Lee movies are some of the greatest movies mankind ever made. Jackie Chan? Love his old stuff too, his style of comedy and martial arts is unsurpassed. Robin Williams, not going to mention his sad end, but he was ever talented as a comedian and actor as I've ever seen. Dead Poets Society is still a fantastic drama.


What does affect me, and is something that I feel ties in with today's social media, is modern Hollywood and modern news organizations. They exist to produce lies and propaganda. I stopped watching those big production movies years ago because they're just as bad as the media is. Instilling fear and trepidation into people, during a time where we need smart, kind hearted people who can think rationally.


I can watch those old Jackie Chan movies over and over and still be greatly entertained. I don't discredit the entire box. All those political stations. Rachel Maddow. Alex Jones. Shut them off. Those movies Hollywood keeps cranking out? Shut them off. Forget about the new Star Wars. It's tainted. Same with the reincarnations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Just watched some old Beavis & Butthead episodes. Couldn't keep myself from laughing. They are something that no modern video game, movie or TV show can replicate. A relic from a bygone era. Mike Judge wasn't afraid to be politically incorrect.


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Yes, because their society was based on things that I cannot say that I fully agree, but only on the limits necessary to survive, I don't like it that much. I am here because, according to them, to build relationships that, as everyone here can tell me, does not always end well, and because for various reasons some are not prepared to do what "extroverts" tend to do and impose. Going against the norm is considered "bad", but only because their hidden agenda is constantly under attack because it keeps them from making more money from the sources they work so hard and hard at. They basically feel threatened.


I think that may not make sense to many, but just think about it. Gaming industry is 3 times bigger than Hollywood, and if I'm an adult who has the money (earn by my mediums and by "society efforts" as they put it the article) to spend on the work of other capable, working adults as developers which they surely take their exact amount of time to study, prepare and get a degree on game design, heck what's the problem here?


While arguing about how this hobby started is irrelevant to the issue, the fact that today many gaming communities have started to be recognized as important and even necessary to the development of current generational culture, says a lot against what this columnist has to say about it now. This in part has been achieved by the outburst of social media, where high-end celebrities started to show that they too, play games, at least in a very casual, and I could say, expected way. Despite their reasons for that, the fact remains that video gaming is far from a weak and 'loser' orientation that has been satanized by decades, and instead, has become a phenomenon that now, being called a geek or nerd has gained a certain reputation within people, like is almost as say that yours a proficient in the matter, and you can express a huge amount of knowledge that, in casual conversations can become the sources of many laughs and enjoyable atmosphere. 


Thanks for coming to my TEDx talk. :wave:



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Ignoring that this is clickbait and you all fell for it, I agree in so far as responsibility. There is a responsible and irresponsible way to approach every hobby. If you're going overboard to no productive result, you've got a problem.


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Excuse me while I do something that:

- brings me joy

- gives me a sense of accomplishment

- has found me some friends

- demands my drugs money /s

- kept me occupied while recovering from a car-vs-cyclist accident

- trained my perception to the point of seeing far more details than before Example 1 Example 2

- sharpened my hearing to notice smaller disturbances in background noise

- increased my reflexes that might've actually saved my foot from getting crushed by previously mentioned car

- tested my intelligence before allowing me to progress

- demanded and trained my short-term and long-term memory

- supports local businesses

- has national level competitions

- has told me incredible stories, shown me amazing vistas and gave me immersive experiences

- literally employs thousands and thousands of people in a multi-billion [currency] industry

- has been proven to positively influence mental capacities Example 1 Example 2 Example 3


As opposed to reading about the daily lives of folk I'll never truly care about.


To those who say "it's bait, ignore it": the misunderstood have been branded heretics and have been hunted by the easily-influenced mobs since time immemorial.

Defend yourself so the accusers won't keep thinking they're right.


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