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OCD Trophy Habits


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Same, I do have some trophy / game rules too:

  • The game has to be fun, interesting, artistic, funny/memes or anything that make me wanna look into it and play.
  • If in the end, that game is bad, boring or has a bad grind I will still strive to complete that game to 100%.
  • I don't like autopopping as it is just duplicating the effort already put into a game for double the value. It always kinda feel cheesy to do that;
  • I don't like stacks either. Unless the game is in my favourite games of all time list, I don't like to play the same game over on a new list. Rather I want to play new experiences;
  • But if there are stacks, I always aim for playing on the newer console for the best experience;
  • I don't start a game when it has an unobtainable, if a game I have on my list become unobtainable I will throw it in my backlog;
  • Completing a game means to have done all the DLC. I will always strive for full completion of a game.


And the rule I always break:

  • I need to clean up my backlog, hence why my completion rate is so low ?


I have done some things in the past that breaks these rules like the sound shapes autopopping and Singstar stacking;


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I have a few myself:


1. No games with MP trophies.  Stuff that I can get by myself like the co-op trophies in Children of Morta or ones that are for using online features that don't require playing with someone are fine.

2. A game isn't truly complete and out of my backlog until all stacks I own are finished.  So yes, all stacks on cross buy stuff, but I don't have to buy additional stacks unless I want to.

3. No starting stuff with unobtainable trophies, which is an exception for #2 since Sparkle 2 has one stack with an unobtainable, but I've 100%ed the other two stacks.

4. Only start games that seem like they'd be fun.  If I own a game and find out later it probably isn't something I'd like, it can be removed from the backlog before starting it.

5. Non-plat games are fine

6. No buying games on PSN that I have on Steam unless I like it enough to play twice or the PC version has serious issues (or no achievements).  Same applies to buying games on Steam that I own on PSN.  More just a reminder to me to remember to check that I'm not buying something I already own since I have over 1200 games on Steam.


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My primary rule, and this applies to all games on all platforms, is I don't buy games I don't intend to play.


Beyond that, same stuff people have already said. Broken achievements is a no, multiplayer games are situational, attempt to 100% anything I play, so on and so forth.

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I think skipping games because they don't have a platinum is frankly, a little stupid. Now I'm sure many of us love platinum trophies, we all do. But I don't discredit games because they don't have a platinum, like HITMAN and HITMAN 2. Definitely worthwhile.


It's not the destination, it's the journey that counts.

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Wow, some of you are really sacrificing some good experiences. ?


On 9/11/2021 at 0:42 PM, HondaHoe said:
  • I don't play games that don't have a platinum trophy


I never understood this one as there are some great games out there like Hitman 2, Apex Legends, Warframe, etc.


I guess the only rule I have is no stacks unless it's a remake or port. I just find it a waste of time or money.

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I care more about the 100% than the plat.  So non plats are fine with me.  But if a game has unattainable trophies now, then I'm not playing it.  My goal is to 100% every game I play, DLC and all.  Only case it doesn't apply is games with a couple trophies based on VR or something else I'm not buying, but still want to play the game.  And old games I played on PS3 before I trophy hunted.  I'll deal with them being not even close to 100%

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  • 1 month later...

1. I avoid games with multiplayer and online trophies and games that require two players to get a trophy unless I can somehow do it myself with two controllers, as I play solo and don't like playing with others online or having to rely on online servers etc. to get trophies. 

2. I platinum every game I play (although this is a new rule since the PS4 gen, so I have some plats I couldn't get back in the PS3 days when I didn't bother). I ignore DLC though as I never buy it.

3. I read the trophy guide and ensure that I can platinum the game before buying a game. If I think I can't platinum the game, then I probably won't buy it. 

4. Must be 150 hours or under completion time in the guide and less than 7/10 difficulty as that tends to be my max for skill level. The hardest plats I have are 7/10, and the longest was Persona 5 royal as my playthrough was 183 hours but to get the platinum it is much less. I just did all the extras not needed for the trophies and same with P4 Golden where I took 153 hours. 


With that all being said, the following games are excluded from these rules as I will buy and play them regardless of trophies due to how much I love them: Tales games, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Persona. Thankfully I have managed to get most of the FF plats and Persona plats for the games I have except FFX, but for Tales I didn't bother with Zestiria and Symphonia as they were really boring. KH Plats were impossible for me other than KH3, but it's been a series I loved since childhood so I played BBS and got about 54% of trophies but couldn't get the rest as they were too hard. 

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I don't really have any self imposed rules for myself when it comes to trophies, since I don't take them too seriously to begin with. That being said, I do have a few "standards" or rules for myself when it comes to games in general, and trophies/achievements sometimes apply:


  • If a game has online/multiplayer trophies, I generally won't even think about platinuming it any more, even if it's otherwise easy. Played far too many games which were actually pretty fun to plat, then I had to play the multiplayer which I couldn't care less about for a few hours which often just ruined the enjoyment/experience.


  • Every game I start, I intend to "finish" (at least see the credits anyway). I must not just stop playing the game and return to it months/years later, basically forcing me to start a new playthrough anyway. I've been guilty of this a lot in the past, but I've been pretty good with actually sticking with games till completion now.


  • Conversely, if a game is being way too boring and/or frustrating to play for a prolonged period, there is no shame in dropping it. But I also feel I must always give each game some reasonable "chance", as there's been some great games out there that rubbed me the wrong way for the first few hours. I never would have developed my love of the Souls series for example if I gave into frustration in the first few hours of Demon's Souls.


  • I must limit how many games I replay each year so my backlog doesn't continue to grow so massive. Been very guilty of this in the past, there'd be some years where all I'd really play was games I've already played tons before. Nowadays, I limit myself to 3 games to replay max each year, but I often don't even hit that limit any more because I do find myself wanting to play new games more often now. There's only so many times I can replay a Pokemon or Sonic game before the nostalgia effect does nothing for me any more.


  • I must look into each game a little before starting. I don't mean looking into them to see if I'd like them, I would have already done that before I bought them. I mean look into them to see if there's any known major bugs, and how to avoid them. I may have ruined my Xenoblade Chronicles X playthrough had I not known about a game breaking glitch in one of the missions, for example. Though at the same time, I must be weary to avoid spoilers (unless it's related to a game breaking bug or something). Also look at any trophy guides if any exist, and determine if it's something I'd like to attempt to platinum/100% or not.
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Mine are nothing out of the ordinary for the most part:


  • No unobtainables.
  • Must complete to 100% with all DLC, no matter how exhausing or garbage it is
  • Must complete in series order
  • MUST COMPLETE TO 100% WITH ALL DLC, like that is the only serious non-negotiable here. I value completion ratio above all other stats on here and I'd be agitated if mine ever dropped below 99%. I don't like it below 99.5% to be honest but what can you do.
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I don't have too many OCD Trophy Habits, but I do try and impose some limits on myself.


  • I must earn the platinum or 100% about two games, before I can buy new games. (I implemented this rule because my gaming backlog has gotten so big.)
  • Deal with the online trophies after the first campaign playthrough. (Online trophies are the bane of my trophy hunting experience. They have screwed me out of several platinum trophies.)
  • Do not buy crappy games to earn platinums (I did this on my old PSN profile, regretted it and started over.)
  • Have Fun (If I am not having fun with a game, put it down for awhile or stop playing entirely.)
  • Aim for 100% completion (I try to get the most out of my games. But sometimes that 100% just isn't worth it.)
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