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Cooling Your Heels


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Pretty much your feet can’t touch any of the environmental lava in the dungeon, where you are probably touching it and not realizing it is the Minotaur fight, I went as a healer and purposely let the Minotaur kill me on the middle of the island, my friends killed it with ease then I did all of the jumping without touching lava. It has to be done on veteran.

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On 9/13/2021 at 6:49 PM, stupid0089 said:

Was wondering if anyone could provide guidance on this trophy.  I have tried a couple times and thought I had it but still no trophy.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


Pretty much what everyone else said: can't touch the lava, other people in your group can, walking through in ghost form doesn't count against you, has to be done on veteran, counts for the whole dungeon. If you get it, it pops right after you kill the final boss. 


I believe the lava on the final boss counts, so do non hm and use synergy to dispel the lava.


Lastly, good luck. It's honestly the most annoying dlc trophy by far. 

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Old thread but I see you haven't earned the trophy yet. The trophy is now a joke after the Deadlands patch because if you allow your group to complete every add pull and reach the bosses without you, you will now be teleported into the boss fight that they're playing in, allowing you to not have to do any of the lava jumps in the dungeon and still help them kill bosses. The only boss fight that can be risky is Galchobhar if you play the mechanics properly because he turns the entire platform he's standing on into a 1 shot mechanic if you don't jump off it onto a smaller platform. You can let your group know that you're going for the trophy and allow yourself to die to the 1 hit mechanic every time it happens and hopefully the group DPS is high enough to avoid having to re-do it so many times. This beats having to ghost form through it because at least your item durability is safe if your group just teleports you into the boss fights by aggroing the boss. 

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