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Hello all,


With 2 kids under 2 I found myself with a lot less time to game but still time to check in on my phone intermittently and had started back up with Pokémon Go. Digging through info on Reddit for that game led me to finding a game that has totally supplanted Pogo...called Orna. 


It has the similar GPS features that pogo does but it's far friendlier in terms of paying to advance (really there's not even that much to buy...just play the game!) It also offers a pretty neat guild feature as well. I have been playing it daily and really surprised I had never heard of this gem before and browsing this site I couldn't find any threads on it so sorry if one does exist. 


Is anyone else here playing this game? 


I am just here to strongly recommend this mobile game and also offer up my guild if anyone is interested down the road, you would need to be in the Earthern Faction. Feel free to pm me anytime 😁




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