Trophy Tracking and Failed Missions.

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So im about 25 hours into the game and from what i can gather the trophy tracking is completely fucked. Atleast half of them don't work and unsure if even obtainable. Obviously we all know about the weapons one. But Pathegon trophy, aid kit trophy and from what i can gather the consumables trophy appears to be at 0% on them. Has anyone else had this issue? Did the trophies still pop despite this? Kind of concerned i'm wasting my time here. 


Also do kills, consumables and XP still count even if you fail the missions? 


Btw sorry for the repeat posts it seems you can not delete threads after posting them. I have now locked the first thread seems like its all i can do.  

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Trophy tracking is borked for everyone. For the most part the tracking is broken, but most stuff still pops.


Yes when you die you still get XP, you should see how much you get on the results screen, it's usually about 25% or so of what you might normally get. Better than nothing.


All of your kill count in the mission etc you also get to keep, you even get to keep the loot from your hidden crate, however I think you lose the stuff you picked up from the normal crates and of course your full experience and card bonuses for completing the level, you lose all that.


Most of the trophies are glitched, I wouldn't worry and just keep playing. Eventually a patch will be released which will no doubt pop the broken trophies for us (The recent patch actually broke the glitched even more than before...)


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