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Can’t add money to PSN wallet with phone


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I’ve always put money in my wallet through my phone and it’s been a few months since I done that but yesterday I wanted to do that again and it keeps failing to do so.


I’ve added my number a couple of times via phone and computer but nothing works. They send me a code to verify my phone number to link it to my account and that works, but it keeps failing when I want to add money to my PSN wallet.


Yes, I have a money on my phone. I’m from Belgium and the only providers they accept is BASE and Mobistar (which changed to Orange a few years ago).


Is anyone else having issues with this?

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It still doesn’t work, I’m getting pissed off. I’m doing nothing with the money on my phone so might as well put it in my PS wallet. Why the F does it keep giving error


Oddly enough it finally worked after weeks of trying.

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