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Private games count for trophies?


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18 hours ago, zgz93 said:

Hey guys, did you find an answer to this?

Are you even able to create a private game? When I try on an alt account the game tells me I have a “lack of authority to create a room” and “only the designated player can create the room.”


So, the question might be moot…unless you are the designated player with authority…

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I was told by a gamer who is legit, met him in a match, that private rooms were removed at one point. Also, I was invited to a private lobby by him to boost 2 x trophies. Just him and me. But you need special access by the game devs. A code or something. That was 2 years ago. It may have changed now. So, yes, trophies can be earned in private lobbies. This guy was and still is crazy about the game. I learned a lot from him. 

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Just been told on the game's discord channel that private don't work :( Trophies could be achieved there but it seems there's no chance of boosting them on private anymore.


Thanks for your answers ;)


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