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Intensive manuals


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On 18/09/2021 at 6:13 PM, Xx_Sytech_xX said:

Before this new update you could get intensive manuals (required to get a level 5 character) by reaching level 10,20 and 30. However I think they removed that way of getting them, I'm level 13 with 0.

How can we get them, is there still a way?


No you can still get intensive manuals from levelling. I forgot where you can access but I know its where I got 2 out of 3 intensive manuals. The 3rd one you either grind to level 30, spend money on the shopping bags in the shop, or login for the entire month. None of those options are ideal but it is what it is ?

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You can skip needing intensive manuals entirely with the paid reward thing they do. Just use real money to buy the cheapest item in the store (£3.99 rookie pack), and then after 3 days of daily rewards you’ll get a 5 star character. Finish a match with them and you’ll get the trophy. Unlike the trial 5 star characters, this at least pops the trophy for a small amount of money.


If you don’t have much free time and think the game will take you a month, you might as well just login daily for the third manual instead (28th of each month).

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39 minutes ago, Xx_Sytech_xX said:

I know that is an option, but im slowly grinding the 300 3v3 wins and I believe when I get them I should be over level 30. Already level 24 with 160 something wins.


level 24 is the halfway mark to 30 in terms of xp, and you’ll also have hardly any challenges to complete now. I would be very surprised if you get over 30 just doing the 300 wins.

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