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Is there a way to auto pop dlc trophies from PS4-5?

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On 19/09/2021 at 4:59 PM, TelliksOnhir said:

Gold chalices took too long On PS4 and I don’t want to go through that again.

You only need to get 1 golden chalice on PS5 after you've gotten all 7 on PS4 and the trophy will pop.

Same thing with killing an elite on each map, you only need to kill 1 on PS5 if you've killed one on every map on PS4.

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On 8/6/2022 at 11:38 AM, BIOHAZARD-R-US said:

What about the rest of the zombies trophies? Some of the stuff like upgrading skills I can’t do anymore because everything is maxed out


So I forgot to come check this thread out after I did some things in game but here's what I found:

  • Progress for your calling cards shares back and forth between PS4-PS5-PS4
  • Trophies for Dead Ops Arcade 3 all cannot be auto-popped
  • All campaign trophies cannot be auto-popped
  • For the Die Maschine zombies trophies, some can be auto-popped, and some cannot be....
    • The two trophies done outside of a match in the menus (Six Pack and Socket-To-Me, which are the ones I was asking about in the above reply) can be auto-popped by simply opening that section of the menus.
    • The rest need to be done in a match and cannot be auto-popped
  • For Onslaught the first two trophies can be sort-of auto-popped, more so an early pop rather. You still need to go into an Onslaught match and play till you kill an Elite upon reaching the 3rd wave, and then from there killing 7 Elites upon reaching the 21st wave. If you have previously unlocked those trophies on PS4, they will pop early.
    • I ran into trouble with the Overpowered trophy though. I was constantly getting Manglers and Mimics as my Elite Encounters, and attempting to kill those with a Support. The game mode counts them as Elites, but the trophy does NOT. It wasn't until I killed a Megaton in Onslaught Containment that I was able to obtain the trophy. Not sure why this is the case, and I do not remember this being the case for the PS4.
  • Multiplayer I do not know yet, but at some point will confirm
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3 minutes ago, BIOHAZARD-R-US said:
  • Trophies for Dead Ops Arcade 3 all cannot be auto-popped

They won't autopop but if you played using advanced start, you should be able to start on round 61.


I think the Fates trophy should unlock doing this method too, so you should only need to reach round 4 normally to get the rest (after rekilling the last boss)

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