Even whit 1.03 Patch there is a MISSABLE COLLECTIBLE (99% completion stuck)

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Whit 1.03 patch you must have 51 plant seeds, 3 extra Data disk (after unlock all skills), 21 posters and all music discs. I can confirm that have ALL skills is not needed.


The MISSABLE COLLECTIBLE is one of the Data Disk. To get it you must talk whit Flip in Jofree Street and buy it BEFORE BUY THE GUN PLAN P.3.


If you buy the gun plan first he will go to the Coastal Fortress, there you speak whit him for another upgrade, but when he gets back to Joffre Street you will NOT be able to buy the Data Disk.


There is a pic of the Data Disk: https://ibb.co/7KKD5dF




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