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[Glitch] Catherine Full Body - I've Seen It All not unlocked


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So I have used the save loading method to earn all the endings (lost the save to Neutral routes because it is a mess managing all of them) but after every ending trophy has been unlocked, the I've Seen It All is still missing: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9594-catherine-full-body/Shinigamae

I have replayed one of the save to get a random ending but it didn't work out.

I have viewed randomly the movies in Gallery but it didn't help either.

Now I notice there is a lot of movies missing in my Gallery but they are too difficult to tell which belong to what ending (ugh... why does it have to be so hard).

Could anyone help me how to get this last one unlocked? Or if possible, please give me the name of movies I'm missing so I can at least trace back to which ending.


Missing Movies in Ending category:









I'm having a hunch that those seem to be Neutral endings which refer to the save I lost.

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