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What's a basic explanation of rivals and are the trophies that difficult?


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Won't be able to play the DLC for a bit and wondering how you all found the rivals trophies and what I'm to expect from it in general. Was also curious if the trophies will require anything to the level of patience and teamwork of communicating with a mic like the raid did. Thanks!

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I think 3 of the 4 trophies I achieved within 20 minutes of starting Rivals.  It's essentially survival but you are broken up into teams of two.  The goal is defeat all of your enemies before the other pair.  Meanwhile, you can send over additional enemies to the other team to try and slow them down. I only did one match and got three of the trophies.  The trophy that requires you to purify cursed gear may take you a little longer.  That one is dependent on loot drops.  You have to get a pice of cursed gear first and then you have to do whatever requirements the gear requires.  


Honestly, if you've done the raid, this set of trophies is a cake walk.  I think all 4 took me about an hour in all.

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On 21/09/2021 at 10:50 PM, Snake2410 said:

Rivals can supposedly all be done solo too.  I don't know if it works by turning matchmaking off, but for the shades trophy summon the max you can in a match, then finish it.  Then hold square at the results screen to rematch and summon until it pops.  Very easy and quick trophies thankfully either way.


So I turned off matchmaking. It was just me doing it solo. I summoned three shades the first match and then went to finish the match. I got the trophy for winning. Rematched with square and summoned two more shades and got that trophy too. Pretty neat, thanks for the heads up. 

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